About Us

Sheila Gill is an award winning, professional watercolour artist specialising in quirky animals, landscapes and flowers. 

An expert in her craft, Sheila Gill of Chesterfield, Derbyshire creatively exploits watercolour in its many forms and is fascinated by its nature

Sheila explains some of her passions - "I've always loved gardening, and flower painting was a natural extension of this."

"The beauty of the Derbyshire landscape, particularly the White Peak, is just lovely and has to be painted, I spend a lot of time walking, always with a sketch book in hand trying to capture a sense of place, or fleeting weather condition. Challenging but exhilarating."

Watercolour is my first love, but recently I have been exploring traditional oil paint.and realise that I need another lifetime to practice, but I am enjoying the journey.

Thank You for taking the time, and happy painting.